Temporary employment

Recruiting the right candidate is quite complicated when this isn't your profession.Outsourcing the recruitment can save you a lot of time and money. NED Recruitment would be happy to take care of the recruitment process for you.

Finding the right employee for your company

Our principle is a strong match. We identify your staffing needs with you and create a good company profile in order to make that match. NED Recruitment works according to a pre-agreed fee to find the right employee. Once we have selected the candidate, he/she will start working for you.


NED Recruitment will take care of

  • An extensive initial interview to get a good view of your staffing needs
  • Guidance online recruitment campaign 
  • Selection of at least two suitable candidates
  • Proposal of candidates
  • Advice and support with CLA and contracts
  • Payroll (optional)
  • Health and safety service (optional)

You have finally found the perfect candidates. The following questions immediately arise.What about housing? How can you be sure that these employees live in comfortable, pleasant and safe accommodation? Our facility management service offers a solution.

Our own facility management service

NED has its own facility management service that does everything in its power to make people feel at home. After all, people that feel at home, perform better at work. We therefore take the organisation of good housing very seriously. We reckon that proper housing is more than just a good bed and a hot shower. All our accommodation meets the requirement of the Stichting Normering Flexwonen to which NED Personeel is affiliated.


The NED. facility management service will take care of: 

  • Housing for temporary workers from abroad
  • Weekly cleaning and checking of accommodation
  • Drop off and collection of employees to work location or housing location
  • Maintenance and repair of the housing
  • Maintenance and repair of means of transport
  • Providing the employees with personal protective equipment