A sudden drop in business activities? This can be a real worry when you have a considerable number of employees on the payroll.Designating NED as the legal employer can give you the necessary breathing space. 

Secondment, one less thing to worry about

Secondment allows you to hire employees without bearing the risks. Within the WAB (Labour market in balance Act), NED is also responsible for the reallocation of employees when you, as hirer, cannot provide them with any more work. This is where NED uses its industry expertise and knowledge of the region.

NED Secondment will take care of:

  • Payroll (the correct number of hours is always visible on the online portal)
  • Salary payment (punctually)
  • Administration of sick leave (with proper accompaniment via our own health and safety service) 
  • Contract management (pursuant to the most recent legislation and regulations)
  • Wage tax returns submitted to the tax authorities
  • Continued payment of wages during illness
  • Payment of holiday pay and holidays