Recruiting the right candidate is quite complicated when this isn't your profession.Outsourcing the recruitment can save you a lot of time and money. NED Recruitment would be happy to take care of the recruitment process for you.

Finding the right employee for your company

Our principle is a strong match. We identify your staffing needs with you and create a good company profile in order to make that match. NED Recruitment works according to a pre-agreed fee to find the right employee. Once we have selected the candidate, he/she will start working for you.


NED Recruitment will take care of

  • An extensive initial interview to get a good view of your staffing needs
  • Guidance online recruitment campaign 
  • Selection of at least two suitable candidates
  • Proposal of candidates
  • Advice and support with CLA and contracts
  • Payroll (optional)
  • Health and safety service (optional)