Looking after the payroll requires precision. Especially when you want things to be done correctly, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the collective labour agreement and the employment contracts.Outsource your payroll to NED. That's one burden off your shoulders.

Payroll and staff administration

When you outsource your payroll to NED., we'll look after all your entire payroll and staff administration. You can focus on other business matters while we make sure your staff is paid in time.


NED will take care of:

Please note: When you outsource the payroll, you are still the legal employer. That means you are still responsible for dealing with sick leave for example. You bear the risks. You' prefer to be unburdened completely? NED can take over as legal employer through secondment.

  • Clear digital pay slip (periodic)
  • Digital delivery of (wage) journal entries
  • Transmission of staff movements to the tax authorities and possibly the retirement fund
  • Invoice verification
  • Inform about CLA updates