Health and safety service

The health of your employees is a must for healthy business operations. You agree with this statement but in practice this is sometimes a complicated issue.Especially when it comes to compliance with legislation and regulations. Health and safety can be outsourced to NED Personeel Arbo. NED Personeel Arbo provides support with regard to prevention and management of sick leave.

Prevention and management of sick leave

NED has its own health and safety service. We ensure that a sick employee returns to work as soon as possible and in the appropriate manner. We look after the entire health & safety and reintegration process. Did you know it is legally mandatory to affiliated to a health and safety service?


NED Personeel Arbo will take care of

  • Guidance in the event of sick leave
  • the entire health & safety and reintegration process
  • Customised health and safety advice
  • Guidance with the setting up of the RI&E (risk inventory and evaluation)