Post Covid-19

News – 22 Jan 2021 by John Elst - Directeur

This year will be so different from what anybody had in mind.The beginning of the year was looking good for many sectors.A potentially successful year became a testing time with many uncertainties. The health situation has hugely affected many entrepreneurs in sectors that are hit hard.

NED Personeel has also suffered major damage due to the first lockdown; 412 hospitality staff were unemployed from one day to the next and moreover, 10 to 25% of the staff in the other sectors were out of work. The government's request to pay everyone 100% of their salary was an almost impossible task, despite the state aid that provided some relief.

The second closure of all hospitality establishment that we are currently facing, is another major blow. Besides all the practical concerns, the mental resilience of entrepreneurs is tested to the limit.

When can we go back to some sort of 'normality'?The old, familiar way felt so good. That seems to have disappeared like snow in the sun, our zest for life appears to be taken away.

The Netherlands is a country that used to make people proud. The good working atmosphere between employees and employers was one of those reasons; the freedom to come and go went hand in hand with hard work and socializing during our time off.

Despite an uncertain future for all of us, whether you are an employer or employee, I notice a great sense of togetherness. Everybody is concerned about the fate of the people around them and mutual support is given whenever and wherever possible.That's why I make a plea:continue to listen to each other in an open and honest way to find solutions together.

What will this new world bring us?

This virus has made us realize how vulnerable we are as human beings, and how much we rely on the actions of our fellow humans. We'll need each other to turn this tide.

Sometimes you need to choose the least-worst in order to achieve the best once again.Togetherness is essential to reach this goal. Together we are strong to face a new world after coronavirus more determined than ever.